barbara jean
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      Appearance Schedule

          September 28, 2015   Athenaeum Hotel, Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY  7:30 with
                                                       Dalt Berringer and Lloyd Howard PUBLIC WELCOME

         November 25, 2015  Main Landing Restaurant, Celoron, NY  with Dalt Berringer and
                                                 Lloyd Howard   Time TBA

         November 27,  2015 Lakewood Rod and Gun 9-12  with Dalt Berringer and Lloyd Howard

         December 23, 2015   Main Landing Restaurant, Celoron, NY with Dalt Berringer and
                                                    Lloyd Howaard  Time TBA

         August 27, 2016  Lewiston Jazz Festival,  Frontier House, 5-7pm with Dave Schiavone, 
                                                Danny Ziemann and Dan Hull

      *  "The Non-Prophet" is a little book written by Barbara under the pen name Arena Jabbar,  as a                             companion story to "The Prophet" that was so popular in the 1960's and 70's.  Barbara's book is 
       available on the web and at Strickland Optical, 1911 Washington St. Jamestown, NY.  Incidentally, 
        there is a new animated film adaptation of "The Prophet", starring the voices of Liam Nieson 
        and Salma Hayek.

loyd  6-9